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Blue Ribbon Dog Grooming

In 2015, Mary Ann brought a Dog Treat Bakery to Anderson.  Yum!

Is a professional dog groomer with years of dog showing experience, working with all breeds

Comfortable place to wash your own dog.  The "You-Wash" tubs in the front of the store offer a lesser expense option

One of the Women-Owned businesses in the Anderson area, and ranked A+ by the Better Business Bureau

Mary Ann Mattingly has been a professional groomer since 1999, and has experience in grooming all major breeds.  She has been showing dogs since 1990 in USA and international shows.   She is a member of the International Professional Groomers Inc.  She has attended several grooming industry seminars.   Her personal interests range from AKC and UKC Lure Coursing to animal nutrition.

About the Owner...

About Our Personalized Care

Care and comfort matter to us. That's why we take the time to discuss grooming preferences with each customer prior to working with each dog.  Our personalized care can include shampooing, conditioning, carefully drying, clipping and styling your dog.   For nail trims, we use a  Dremel to smooth out the clipped nail.  We just plain pamper your dog.

We love to see the smile on your face when you pick up your clean and happy dog!

Our shop is located next door to a veterinary office with a shared parking lot, so that's a convenient way to make your dog's care a one-stop day.

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Dog Treat Bakery


* Unique weekly flavors

* Large and small treats

* Holiday and special occasion treats