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Prices are approximate, depending largely upon coat condition, and amount of time needed to complete shampoo, drying, and final clipping.  These are starting prices, as the total will  vary at pick-up time.  We must see your dog in-shop to give an estimate.

Walk-In nail trims (no appointment needed) $12.  Nail trims done between 10am and 3pm Tuesday thru Saturday.

Clips include bath, the clip, nail trims and ear cleaning

Bath and Trim include bath, nail trims, ear cleaning
Small dog (appointment) clip starts at $43,  bath & trim starts at $31
Medium dog (appointment) clip starts at $51,  bath & trim starts at $41
Large dog (appointment) clip starts at $61,  bath & trim starts at $51
Giant Breed dog (appointment) clip starts at $71,  bath & trim starts at $61
Flea Baths  (appointment)  $8 additional for Small and Medium dogs, $11 for Large and Giant Breeds

Tick Removal  (appointment)  $8 or more depending on how infested they are
"You-Wash" (no appointment) $14 with shampoo/conditioner and towel provided to customer

Nail trims added to the "You-Wash"   (no appointment)  $9

Express Grooming (for times when you are in a rush) $15 additional, as available

** Actual prices determined after individual consultation